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Looking for the WhisperKOOL XLT ? XLT Series is now the SC Series


Advanced Digital Controller

Easily view wine temperature, evaporator coil temperature, and condensing coil temperature. Constantly monitors system and environment conditions for efficiency and performance. Emits an audible alert in the event of an alarm situation to keep your environment safe.

Bottle Probe Sensor for Precise Liquid Temperature

No worrying about fluctuating temperature. The unit directly measures the temperature of the wine it is maintaining.

Dynamic Airflow

Following the simple philosophy that hot air rises. The fans are designed to project the cooled air in an upward direction. This results in the settling cooled air to exchange with the warm air very effectively.

Efficient Coated Evaporator Coil Design

Larger, thicker, coils offer increased capacity for cooling the cellar. At the same time oversized coils create more effective heat dissipation on the condenser side of the cooling unit where most problematic issues associated with poor ventilation and thus poor performance occur.

Since the evaporator coil produces condensation during operation, the coil is consistently wet. The coating protects against any corrosion that could reduce performance over time.

Power Option (Inside or Outside Cellar)

Provide power to the unit from either side of the environment. Simply plug it in to the back or side of the unit, flip the switch, and your cooling.

Condensation Reduction

During the condensation process a lot of heat is generated. The unit re-uses this heat to help evaporate the excess condensate which, in turn, helps reduce heat and raise efficiency. Truly a win win.

Single Piece Through-Wall Mounting Bracket

A very sturdy mounting solution. Simplifies the installation process and helps insulate the through-the-wall opening.

All WhisperKOOL SC cooling units are designed to be mounted between standard wall studs.

Durable Finish

Electro-magnetically applied and baked on at high temperatures. The finish is basically one with the unit, inside and out.