Vinotemp - 58-Bottle Wine Cooler (White)

Vinotemp‘s 58 bottle models are highly rated and some of our most popular units. This unit is perfect for the kitchen, bar or dining area. It is not suggested to be place in the garage due to volatile external temperature ranges.

The unit is designed to be a multi-zone unit. Multi-zone units have one chamber with multiple temperature areas: cooler air is at the bottom for storage of your whites and warmer air is at the top for storage of reds. By not separating the unit into two distinct chambers, Vinotemp keeps more valuable bottle storage space for you.

Note: Please allow 3-5 days for unit to process.

58-Bottle Cooler Upgrades/Add-Ons

($ 72.00)
($ 93.00)
($ 179.00)
Sale Price: $ 804.00

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